Vogue Leaders

Michaela Seewald presents Vogue Leaders

I am excited to announce the launch of Vogue Leaders, an online and print title that will bring stories of successful people and brands, across all generations, disciplines and genres whose values are in line with those of Vogue. 
The magazine will promote diversity, responsibility and respect for individuals, communities and the environment. We aim to connect experienced leaders with people who are just starting, share examples of best practices and inspire our readers to push the boundaries and overcome current limits. We are launching Vogue Leaders online with a contribution from Madeleine Albright, and will release our first print issue in the second quarter of 2021.
Our readers can look forward to hearing from leaders in fashion, business, technology and the arts, and exclusive partnerships with like-minded global brands promoting sustainability and focused on responsibility in the fashion industry.   
The idea to start with the Vogue Leaders project comes at a time when people are seeking inspiration from personalities who influence society and business. The world is changing and new paradigms are being established.  In Vogue Leaders, we will cover the people that advance these ideas and discuss the values that underpin them. 
While COVID-19 has brought many challenges to society, it is also a significant opportunity to create change. I see the current environment as a unique opportunity to disrupt established practices in business, that simply did not work and should have changed a long time ago. V24 Media was created as a "next-generation media platform" and the current environment has accelerated our journey. We are learning to be creative in new ways, whether it's photographing the cover of our magazine via Zoom or connecting creative teams around the world online. Vogue Leaders is born out of this new environment and we look forward to bringing you fresh and exciting content.   
Foto: Marek Mičánek
Michaela Seewald is the founder and CEO of V24 Media, which publishes Vogue Czechoslovakia. By launching another title under her leadership, V24 Media strengthens its position in the Czech and Slovak markets, where it represents a leading voice in the areas of lifestyle, luxury fashion and leadership. The pinnacle of luxury for her is time and health. She says that really luxurious is what you can't buy with money.