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#SustainableSunday with Petra Němcová: We are the solution

“Every time we buy a new article of clothing our purchase has a ripple effect on our planet & people. Either positive or negative. As you may already know the fashion industry is the second-largest industrial polluter.” Topmodel and Sustainability Editor Petra Němcová exclusively every Sunday on Vogue CS.  
It takes 5,000 gallons of water to manufacture just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. 
25 % of the chemicals produced in the world are used in textiles. 
And the list of impacts on our planet goes on. 
Fair pay for labor is a fundamental human right, but wages paid on average to a garment worker are 2-5 times less than the amount a worker and her family need to live with dignity. 
Worker's health and safety are at stake every day where disasters such as the collapse of the Rana Plaza, which housed 5 garments factory’s in Bangladesh, killed at least 1,132 people and injured more than 2,500.  
Can we as consumers help drive the fashion industry away from this toxic & unjust model? Yes, if we make conscious choices. 
We created the problem and we are the solution too!


Each #SustainableSundayWithVogueCS I will address some of the important pieces of this puzzle. Which are the best solutions? Sustainable fashion, ethical fashion, slow fashion, circular economy, regenerative fashion, certified B corporation... Let’s learn together about these issues and solutions, but let’s also make it very practical by highlighting brands that are on this path. 
Some of my favorite conscious brands such as @DanielleFichera_official, @MadebyVoz, @eticadenim, @St_Roche, @Yatay, @BottleToppers, @Kayudesign & @SanaJardin are on @MaisonDeMode a luxury sustainable fashion destination, founded by @HassanPierre and @AmandaHearst with whom I’m having an IG live with on Thursday, July 16th at 1 pm EST. 
We will touch on these topics and maybe also on my upbringing in Czechoslovakia, sewing & upcycling at 11 years old, my sustainable fashion journey for the last 12 years, how Covid-19 will impact sustainable fashion & conscious living, the future of fashion... See you there.