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#SustainableSunday with Petra Němcová: Circular fashion

You have read a few of my #SustainableSundayWithVogueCS articles on where sustainable fashion is right now, but let’s look into the exciting future of fashion. To me, it is exciting as we have so much thoughtful innovation already here and more coming our way. 
Foto: Petra Němcová

Where do we need to go?

The way it looks like now, but it can change with the rise of more innovative solutions, we need brands to be circular and for them to use either fabric made from waste, food waste or waste from the sea & the landfill, or from regenerative fabrics. Above all what is important at this point is a commitment to slow fashion from both the customers and brands.
Let me break this all down!.

Circular fashion

Circular means closed-loop system where you create/ sale / use/ reuse or repair/ recycle and re-design again. 
This means that using materials that are recyclable over and over without losing its quality is important.
Foto: Petra Němcová
So fabrics which are not 100% from one kind of fiber, and are a mix of natural fiber & synthetic fiber, most probably won’t be possible to recycle.
When no longer needed they can return safely to the biosphere. This minimizes the need for virgin materials and a damaging impact on the environment and climate change.

Who is circular already? 

Brands such as @MudJeans & @Patagonia are already and others like @Outerknown@outerknown_womens are committed to being circular by 2030. We need more brands to jump on this train. 
Next time I will dive deeper into all the incredible innovations in fabrics from waste. Yes, you read this right. Such as fabrics from banana waste, apple waste, and much more.