Vogue CS in English

Spike, Lila and the Dragons

Foto: Michaela Seewald
Once upon a time, there lived a brother and a sister who were not alike in every way. In every way, they were different. The sister was Lila and she loved dressing up, caring for people and she also liked to paint and draw. The brother Spike liked to play outside and he was mean, selfish, and loud. Spike often scribbled on Lila's paintings and drawings and this angered Lila very much.
One morning their mother grew impatient with them. "Out you go together" she shouted and "try to be nice to each other just for once and be back in time for lunch," she said. Spike did not want Lila to come with him nor did he want to play with her.
Lila and Spike listened to their Mom and walked into the woods. Spike was walking loud and stomping and Lila was just cool and looking for birds. While Lila was looking for birds, she entered into a dark tunnel together with Spike and found out the tunnel was a transporter that would bring them into a new and adventurous world. When they entered into the transporter it felt like someone was tickling them. Lila was calm but Spike was scared and jumped into the arms of Lila.
When Spike and Lila came out of the transporter, they entered into the dragon world where they would see and hear dragons blowing hot fire out of their mouths, eating, sleeping, and flying around. They both were very excited and at the same time scared.
Lila asked Spike "do you want to go explore dragon world"? Spike agrees and they both go on to explore this fantastic new world. A few hours later Lila gets tired and Spike goes off on his own and walks into the dark side of the forest. He walks carefully and slowly and all of a sudden from behind him come 3 bad dragons with big wet wings and they capture him. Poor Spike.
Lila notices that Spike is not nearby and walks toward where she thought she saw him last. Lila sees Spike tied up in nets and very scared. Lila thinks quickly and draws a picture of the bad dragons in order to distract them. Lila tiptoes toward the dragons and says "hey dragons would you like this picture I made for you?". The dragons move away from Spike and while they are chewing on the picture that Lila made, she dashed to Spike and freed him from the nets. "Come on. Let’s go quickly" said Lila. Then they dashed through the dark and miserable forest and into the bright and beautiful lights coming out of the transporter. They ran home quickly and their Mom was setting the lunch table. She got suspicious and asked them "what's going on"? Spike smiles and Lila smiles back at him. Spike tells Lila - I will never scribble on your drawings again and they are friends.