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Eva Herzigová: Rise and fall and rise again

Sharing the cover of the September issue of Vogue Czechoslovakia with a painting by Milan Houser is some text. This is the first time ever you can read the cover. No cover lines, just the thoughts of eight Czech and Slovak personalities on the topic of new beginnings. Everybody has their own sunrise story. What does "a new beginning" mean to Eva Herzigová? 
We are exactly one year into the COVID pandemic……A small camera crew of 6 people has been setting up their first shot for the past two hours making sure they have the best panorama of the city in the background view. Finally, when ready they call me on to the set to film the interview. An interview about my past, how it all started, discussing the changes of an industry I have been part of for so many years and so on. As I walk to the location and assess the situation, I feel uneasy about going back in time while sitting just a foot away from all the city traffic roaming by. It was loud and rather distracting as they literally picked a bench at a bus stop with cars, buses, and trams full of people honking by. Not exactly an ideal atmosphere for the task. So, I point out there is a quiet location by the river just around the corner where I might be able to actually think. I didn’t lose a beat to express my concern and without any hesitation just carried towards the new quiet setting.
I was calm but unapologetic about my decision. Something I have never done or felt before, discomfort rooted so deep in my stomach I didn’t give it a second thought. I got a look or two with few comments. “this isn’t a movie set but a documentary”, but somehow it didn’t face me or made me feel like I’m complicating things, on the contrary. It wasn’t born out of mischief or disrespect or a sense of boredom as it might have been viewed but through my newly acquired awareness and respect of that inner voice and clearly common sense. Something I have never been in touch with before. Not in such a present way…
So how did I inquire about this sudden awakening?
Feeling uneasy is not the answer. But the actual knowledge that you are uneasy and acting upon it is the key. Acquiring this knowledge of awareness is what I have been working on for the past 9 months. Feeling pleasure or discomfort not as a thought but as sensations within your body is where you start off. Little tingle, little pull, little heat, or just a shiver. Not much than that. Actually, just learning to disconnect the analytical brain part. How can you do that, we were all told the brain is The Master? But I’m learning otherwise. The body has been around for millennials and simply knows. The body we have forgotten to respect and listen to. The messenger of all that is truly authentic of who you really are.
Who has not been faced with some form of pressure over the past year and a half - during the Covid pandemic lockdown and imposed restrictions? A lot has happened and being the good diligent girl I am, I kept it up. I got mentally and physically exhausted, fragile, vulnerable… but I would not allow myself to acknowledge it, well actually I have completely missed on considering all this gentle but essential available information to my well-being. I pushed myself harder. I didn’t know better. I eventually reached the bottom and broke down. I will not bore you with the details of how I got there…but to make the story short I have been introduced to a philosophy of self- responsibility, being in the present, and acting upon these nudges your body is sending to you. 
I have been taking classes every week for the past 9 months now. I have the best teacher out there. He is Czech which has made all the difference. It feels like home. Even though am still very much new to this Gestalt therapy concept, so far, I have been empowered through my own doing, acquiring a sense of freedom, authenticity, and youthfulness, a general feeling at ease with the world, with me. And you know I could not wish for anything more..