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Beauty and perfection by Anton Giulio Grande

The Italian designer Anton Giulio Grande conceives fashion as a work of art. The famous couturier exclusively for Vogue Czechoslovakia, has chosen an exceptional location, the Canova Gallery near Piazza di Spagna, in the historical heart of Rome to present his new collection.
Foto: Massimiliano Boni for Anton Giulio Grande Couture
Passionate and elegant, Anton Giulio conceives a woman who divides her wardrobe into both “day aggressive” and “sexy lady” and wonderfully dominating the scene in a scenographic way through laces and jais. Considered the heir of the great designer Valentino Garavani, due to a certain similarity in style and elegance, Grande has recently been nominated by the President of Calabria( his birthplace) Film Commission. Affectionately attached to the world of tailoring and embroidery which he prefers. He graduated in The History of Costumes in Florence, and since then has always been in search of beauty and perfection.

A magical location Canova Gallery. Why did he choose this particular place to present his new creations?

My fashion has always been inspired by the world of Art with which I have an indissoluble bond. Antonio Canova was one of the sculptors with the most overbearing and intense aesthetic sense.

Timeless dresses that do not know seasonality, garments that are never the same. Who are you inspired by when you create?

High fashion is not subject to the trend of the moment, on the contrary, it has the role to aspire to the eternal ideal.

Red is the colour of passion in his new collection. Do you particularly like this colour?

The colour red represents love, blood flowing in the veins, eroticism and life. The greatest couturier in the world, Monsieur Valentino Garavani just turned 90 and is the designer who invented rosso Valentino and I wanted to pay homage to him with this new collection because he has had an enormous influence on both my professional and personal life.

Recently you were nominated by the President of Calabria Mr. Roberto Occhiuto. What is your mission in this new role?

I am flattered by this important new role for I will have the opportunity to promote both the beauty of my Region and also that of Italy. My goal is to involve mayors, production studios, and artists of International caliber, in Calabria, a land that in itself holds many attractions.
Foto: Massimiliano Boni for Anton Giulio Grande Couture
Foto: Massimiliano Boni for Anton Giulio Grande Couture

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