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Checking in with Christopher Kane

More Joy! It’s not just what we all need right now but also the name of Christopher Kane’s highly coveted capsule collection. The London-based fashion designer speaks to our International Editor about that and more in this week’s exclusive interview.
How are you? Are you in London?
“Yes, I am at home in London with my partner Massimilaino and Bruce, our dog. I am doing okay considering I have been at home for over three months. I have occasionally popped into my studio to collect art supplies as I have started painting and drawing again. I usually never have the time to do art with my busy schedule, so it’s really nice to have time to do so. I’m also very lucky to have a garden I can sit in and enjoy the nature around me while painting. Bruce also keeps me very busy.”
I’m at home with my family in Prague where things are mostly back to “normal” but it all still feels a bit surreal. Have you ever been to Prague before?
“I have never been to Prague. I have heard so many amazing things about the architecture and amazing energy of the city. Hopefully in the near future I will make the time to visit, we could all use a romantic weekend away.”
Christopher Kane
I love that you’re offering free #ChristopherKaneCraft packs to make your own face mask from past-season fabrics. It’s such a wonderful idea! What has the response been like?
“We were overwhelmed and delighted with how many people requested a craft pack. The team worked from home to fulfill thousands of requests at a time when PPE was scarce for NHS staff and care workers. We’re very proud of what we achieved. Our community loved the idea of helping the NHS and it also gave them a project to do. So many have sent pictures and selfies of them wearing them in public. It feels good to help in some way, no matter how small.”
How are you coping with the current situation?
“I’m using this period to decompress and learn to live in the now. It’s not something that comes naturally to me. With fashion I am always looking ahead and on the move - but I’m trying to be mindful and reset my brain for what will come and I try to think about ways to get through this pandemic. There’s too much uncertainty to be overly focused on the future but it’s healthy to plan. However, I am starting to enjoy time to myself and doing other things besides drawing up clothes.”
Since we are all looking for a little outside inspiration these days, what television shows or movies are you watching?
“I love TV. I binge-watched Westworld, which was fantastic, and I’m rewatching some old British classics like Band of Gold and This Life. Movie-wise, I highly recommend Rita, Sue and Bob Too and The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, which I have loved since I was a kid. Maggie Smith’s wardrobe in that film is iconic. Also, you can’t go wrong with Disney and the selection of films on the BFI channel are brilliant, and if you haven’t started yet, you have to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race - hours of drama, entertainment, comedy and buckets of glamour.”
Any favorite meals that you’ve been cooking?
“I’m not a big foodie but I do love baking scones and small cakes. Perfecting my recipe during isolation has been one of the things that’s kept me occupied. Cooking really takes concentration and it’s fun to experiment with flavors.”
 Any great books that you could recommend?
“Again, I’m not much of a reader. I was never a fan of reading, I’m quite an impatient person and need information fast. Visual books like art and photography keep me occupied.”
 What about podcasts or remote exercise classes?
“I’ve kept on exercising with my personal trainer, Mike Porter, through the whole lockdown period. He’s fantastic and knows how to keep me motivated. Working out at home feels so different and in some ways harder than doing it at the gym.
I’ve referenced a quote from Anna Wintour in this interview series before, about “find(ing) moments of joy along the way,’ but I have do it again because I feel it’s important and it immediately reminded me of your More Joy collection. Can you tell me more about it?
“That’s funny as I thought the same when I read it too. More Joy started as a slogan on the Autumn/Winter 2018 runway but quickly became a personal mantra for me and Tammy, my sister and co-founder of Christopher Kane. We realized what a powerful statement it is and decided it was a message worth sharing. We love working on it, it genuinely brings me so much joy.”
Christopher Kane More Joy silk pajamas
I think we’re all in need of some joy right now! Please tell me about your inspiration for your Spring/Summer 2020 collection, which you called Ecosexual.
“Ecosexual was inspired by a love of nature innate as any sexual desire. As children, nature is our first joy. When we grow up, we become distracted along the way but we always instinctively crave natural beauty. With Ecosexual, we tried to capture that feeling when the stars or a meadow or clouds in the sky sweep you off your feet.”
What are your three favorite looks from the collection?
“Look 1 - London Fields Coat - the print was developed from a local wildflower meadow I pass every day on my walk with Bruce, my Boston terrier. It’s testament to the overwhelming beauty of nature we sometimes take for granted.
Look 29 - Body Con Knit Dress with silicone inserts - it’s such a visually striking piece and it looked amazing walking the runway.
Look 56 - Star Print Cupcake Bustier Dress – the ‘galaxy’ print is a Christopher Kane signature. It’s one of the earlier prints we owned. Although this piece is rooted in heritage, it still feels fresh with the addition of the domes and crystals.”
Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2020 Look 1
Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2020 Look 29
Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2020 Look 56
You have had some major red-carpet moments dressing the likes of Beyonce, Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, and many more. How do you feel when you see someone wearing your designs?
“Whenever I see anyone wearing Christopher Kane it gives me so much joy! Those who chose to wear Christopher Kane are the kind of people who dress to please themselves and nothing makes me prouder.”
 Lastly, what is the first thing you will do when things are “back to normal”?
“I don't think there will ever be normality as we knew it. I’m excited for changes in the fashion industry and the world. As for what I will do after the virus passes, I suppose seeing my sisters, who have also been isolating in different parts of the UK, and having a nice family reunion with drinks and laughs.”
Eve in Christopher Kane at the Christopher Kane Fall/Winter 2020 show during London Fashion Week on February 17, 2020.
Chloe Moretz in Christopher Kane at the Variety Makeup Artistry Dinner with Armani Beauty in Los Angeles on February 4, 2020.
Florence Pugh in Christopher Kane on Instgram on January 26, 2020.
Kylie Minogue in Christopher Kane at The Fashion Awards in London on December 2, 2019.
Beyonce in Christopher Kane on Instagram on October 10, 2019.
Aquaria in Christopher Kane outside of the Christopher Kane Spring/Summer 2020 show during London Fashion Week on September 16, 2019.
Jennifer Hudson in Christopher Kane with Idris Elba at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills on February 24, 2019.
Jodie Comer in Christopher Kane at the Killing Eve Television Critics Association panel in Pasadena, California on February 10, 2019.
Brie Larson in Christopher Kane at the LA Online Film Critics ceremony in Hollywood on January 9, 2019.
Sarah Paulson in Christopher Kane at CinemaCon in Las Vegas on April 25, 2018.
Tracee Ellis Ross in Christopher Kane at The Late Late Show with James Corden in Los Angeles on April 16, 2018.