The Beyond: For Those Who Seek More

What comes to your mind when you hear the word festival? Music, watching the sunrise, summer breeze and very likely feeling exhausted and like you need to seriously catch up on your sleep…
Foto: Xanikkka
The Beyond is a one-of-a-kind festival, redefining the term and everything associated with it – you will leave feeling rejuvenated, inspired and hopeful about the world and the future. The theme for the event is "The Lost Kingdom of Cappadocia" – it will connect its participants with the cultural heritage and geological wonders of Cappadocia – an area of breath-taking beauty –through immersive storytelling, traditional knowledge preservation and reflection on the region's local culture and mythology during the dreamy, magical night events.
So how can you become a part of the journey?
Foto: Xanikkka
To take part in the festival, guests shall undergo a selection process, that will establish whether their mindset fits The Beyond philosophy: "Those criteria are based on certain values that we as creators possess and respect – open-mindfulness, caring about the world and about changing it, not through the path of resistance, however, but rather by creating new ways of being – with a smile." – explains Anya Layfield, one of the founders of The Beyond. 
The Beyond was created by bearing those philosophies in mind – an exclusive, extravagant event, carefully curated to the smallest detail. Let's dive into the five staples of the festival – Cuisine, Community, Art, Mindful practices, and Expression. 
What is the most obvious thing we all do when we travel? We try out the local cuisine. Food is the most accessible and effortless way to tap into any culture – the flavours, the colours, are always a representation of the people and history attached to a certain place. The dishes that we are offering are a play on the local cuisine and are closely overseen by the nutritionists who ensure that this experience is delicious and enriching for your body.
Experiencing the cuisine acts as a first step to connect to the local community; as a participant, you will get to know it closer by taking part in food and craft workshops led by locals engaged in the Beyond Social Impact Programme.
There's an acute artistic aspect to the festival as we have involved Turkish and international artists in creating the event and its design.
The festival helps identify regional challenges affecting the local communities and raises funds to help tackle them, with a strong focus on sustainability. 
Once you have united with your body through physical, tactile, and visual experiences, we will take you on a journey of connecting with your mind through immersive celebrations, provocative workshops from global thought leaders, awe-inspiring explorative wellness journeys, healing rituals, breathwork, and meditation.
As you come together as a whole, you can express yourself in the most honest, liberating, and authentic way. The sun goes down behind the hills of Capadoccia, and it's dress-up time – the ultimate form of expression; a costumed Saturday night theme will take you back into ever-relevant Greek mythology, the days of empowered Amazonian goddesses and powerful almighty gods.
The Beyond is more than a festival. It is a diverse gathering that challenges conventional ideas to explore deeper truths and builds a multidisciplinary community connecting those who have always felt there was something more, something beyond. 
Foto: Xanikkka
"The evenings would be playful and energetic with spoken word poets, dancers and theatrical performers providing the backdrop to the internationally renowned musicians and DJs who take centre stage curating story-led musical experiences with projections, light shows, and stage sets designed to create a vibrant yet intimate atmosphere; with the whole event profiting the local community," – says Anya Layfield. 
The Beyond is about bringing together people who dare to dream that it is possible to change the world profoundly with a smile on their faces.
During these strange times where we've all been disconnected from the world and ourselves, The Beyond acts as a chance to claim ourselves back. Together. As a community.
Tickets to Beyond Cappadocia include extensive programming, 3-night accommodation and food. Explore The Beyond from August 26th to 29th, 2021, in Cappadocia, Turkey.
Editor: Maria Myasnikova
Foto: Xanikkka
Stylist: Olga Timofeeva
Art work: Tamer Nakisci
Model: Katerina Rozka
Producer: Vasilisa Neznamova