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Strike a Pose

Transforming our perception of fashion, AR Fashion Platform ZERO10 collaborated with Vogue CS to introduce the first try-on selection of spring/summer trends.
Even though it sounds cliché, it’s true: in fashion, there is really nothing you can’t do, no ceiling you can’t break. And if there was any framework of rules trying to define fashion, it existed only because of us. Certain types of limits – evoking similarity – helped to explain diverse visions clothes could adopt. Without it, the legacy of the greatest fashion creators could end up misunderstood. But as a response to lacking imagination a certain tradition of presenting easily recognizable garments has formed. Thus, the convention became part of the fashion industry as well as creativity. Thankfully we know the work of Margiela, we experienced Gaultier, we saw the highest and lows of Galiano, and we remember McQueen, great teasers of our minds with concepts so ambiguous. They broke lots of ceilings and most of the time, it was fun to watch. 

For decades, fashion editors tried to describe this ongoing struggle between bold and predictable with catchy phrases and vivid snapshots. But with evolving technology, so call the game of visions is getting bigger. That’s why collages from fashion weeks are not enough, because images of defining looks will just fade away and leave you with nothing. It is 2023! You need to truly accept the vision that has been presented to you and let it inspire you. There is, really, a lot more to face, words wouldn’t get more accurate and catwalk images wouldn’t be sexier. What can we offer then? 
When we were putting together our March issue, a publication that should take you on what we like to call trend hunting, we realized we need a strong partner that will help us translate all the key looks from the spring-summer season authentically. Someone with whom we will be able to invite you. That’s how our collaboration with ZERO10, a progressive Fashion Platform working with AR (augmented reality), started. With its own high-quality try-on technology ZERO10 team offered its know-how, Vogue team made a selection. Result? The most important looks of the season are now yours to try – literary. On the first eight pages of the March issue, you will find a trend report like no other. Filled with QR codes, this story will give you Loewe (my personal synonym for life). 
Foto: Viktoria Vaitusionak
LOEWE, SS23, Zero10 x Vogue CS
Foto: Viktoria Vaitusionak
DIOR, SS23, Zero10 x Vogue CS
Behind every QR code, there is a unique digital reinterpretation of a selected showpiece, created by ZERO10 and curated by Vogue. We chose four statement looks: Dior black dress, Loewe’s Laceleaf top, Zipper set from Nicolas Ghesquiére’s collection for Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana metallic dress. All you need to do is point your smartphone at the code and it will lead you to a user-friendly and cool-designed ZERO10 app in which you can try on anything from mentioned selection in real time, create unique content for your social media accounts and become part of the story. 
Strike a pose there's nothing to it... (Lyrics of Madonna’s notorious song fit the occasion just right.) 

The March issue is out now!
About ZERO 10: After many years of working in fashion, entrepreneur and visionary George Yashin realized that the industry with its relentless pace and old processes had to be changed so he decided to do it with the help of technology. He went head-to-head, which is why his start-up ZERO10 is a leading innovator in virtual fashion creation and AR clothing try-on. „Digital fashion is a unique fashion industry phenomenon that occurred three years ago as an idea created by certain visionaries. It inspired early adopters and only now starts coming out of the shadows on the world stage to change the industry forever. The crucial characteristics of this phenomenon is its technological complexity and its novelty. The technology aspect is the biggest barrier to independent projects and start-ups.,“ says George. ZERO10 is a first-of-its-kind AR Fashion platform that allows users from all over the world to try on creations from independent designers and established brands in real-time simply using your phone camera. Although the fashion of recent seasons has become more and more tactile, there is also a growing interest in the digital try-on experience, which pushes designers’ creativity further, beyond the boundaries of the physical world. Without this growth, fashion would almost lose its true meaning. Because, in reality, in which clothes, garments, and stories behind them represent only a thousand-dollar price tag, fashion will drop the most important value, the artistic one. However, innovators like George Yashin, pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry with technology, are encouraging those around them to expand their portfolio with digital clothing, so that fashion as a creative discipline can be spread further and further.