Vogue CS in English

May Issue of VOGUE CS Created in Collaboration with the Editorial Staff of VOGUE UA

The theme of the May issue is exile and empathy. The cover co-creator is Beka Gvishiani from the Instagram profile Style Not Com.
Fashion cannot solve or stop war – fashion creators, just like all other people, find themselves in danger, on the run, or in exile because of armed conflict. They can, however, take a clear stance on war. The May issue of Vogue CS has been created in close cooperation with the editorial staff of Ukrainian Vogue, which is headed by Editor-in-Chief Philipp Vlasov, and contains two photo editorials that the Ukrainian team had not been able to publish before the invasion.
The May issue of Vogue CS is being published with four different covers. Three have been created by Beka Gvishiani, who runs the Instagram account Style Not Com, where he comments on current events in fashion. One comprises just a few words written in white and capital letters against a blue background. The other two are in the colours of the Ukrainian flag – yellow and blue – in reference to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The fourth, limited edition cover features acrobat Klára Trombíková. Her photo was taken by Daniela and Linda Dostálková, who have depicted emigration and exile as an intense feeling of tension and uprooting. Current subscribers can already find the May issue with the collectors’ edition cover in their letter boxes. Other readers can get it by purchasing a minimum 6-month subscription HERE.
One of the editorials, which had originally been prepared for Ukrainian Vogue, is a men’s fashion story photographed by Bruna Kazinoti. In the Czech edition, it is accompanied by handwritten messages from refugees for their loved ones who have stayed behind in Ukraine. Another is a fashion editorial featuring Iranian singer Sevdaliza, with photos by Marco Van Rijt and an interview with her by Vogue CS.
Daniela and Linda Dostálková’s photo editorial, which features aerial acrobats Klára Trombíková and Richard Simoník dressed in Balenciaga clothing, is a visual meditation on the topic of exile. (The fourth version of the cover for subscribers stems from this editorial.) The next photo editorial presents several Ukrainian poems translated into Czech alongside photos by Celso Colaço and styling by Sérgio Onze.
The interview with Ukrainian designer Lilia Litkovskaya also touches on the theme of escape and exile; the review by Jan Boublík honours the fashion stars who have been forced to create in exile; the essay by Jan Němec contemplates heroism under duress; and author Klára Vlasáková reflects on Romanticism and how it has influenced art and relationships today.
In beauty, the May issue of Vogue features the skin kindness trend, i.e., treating your skin gently to improve its appearance and health; the camellia phenomenon and how this flower is used in cosmetics; and, last but not least, a selection of the most beautiful shades of lipstick.