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10+ questions we are asking after Met Gala 2023

Pedro Pascal as male diva, Dua Lipa ready-to-marry, Paris Hilton losing her vocal fry and conspiracy of wedding planners. What is on our mind? 
Can prosthetics and literal costumes still pass as a fashion statement? 
Inspired by great French artist Orlan and the work of Thiery Mugler, Lady Gaga brought prosthetics back to fashion a long time ago. Such a thing as a fake nose or horns must cling to the personality and then develop into a certain expression. Doja Cat mastered it during the last Schiaparelli couture show, but on the Met Gala (creamy?) carpet it felt different. Like mocking… Similar signals were sent out by the costume of a Choupette worn by Jared Leto. Karl, for sure, would have wanted to be fun, but as many celebrities stated that night, he always wanted to be relevant. Literal costumes could hardly be that.   
Are men's shorts like women’s cleavage when it comes to the red carpet?
Pedro Pascal knows. When you are a guy, and you know, your thighs, even ankles look good in the mirror, you can say or do a lot of things with it. A red coat and black shorts stand for men’s seduction now.   
Foto: John Shearer/WireImage
Anne Hathaway na Met Gala 2023
Was Anne Hathaway‘s dress the best dress?
As Anne herself stated, it was a marriage between Karl’s DNA and significant Versace style. Very balanced, very gala, very relevant, and classic yet new. 
Are purses necessary?
They wore simple black dresses, mostly silk (or black slim suit) and their bright accessory was handheld radio (massive one, obviously leftovers from the set of TopGun or StarGate). Who else would find enough patience with guests than these ushers? To go like: “Sir, please look this way now,” for a million times while whispering shortcuts, as a warning of another celebrity approaching, to that radio requires strength. Little heroes of the night, right? But have you noticed how many little purses and bags they were holding through the whole staircase ceremony? So many! No one wanted to pose with those. I remember that going to a club with a credit card and a small flip phone even in your “panties” wasn’t a big deal. So, what is the fuss with purses?   
Foto: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images
Dua Lipa na Met Gala 2023
How many brides were there actually?
Roughly, I would say four. Dua Lipa with a bridal robe from the 1992 fall Chanel couture show (originally worn by Claudia Schiffer). Penelope Cruz with bridal variation from 1988 spring Chanel couture (Ines de la Fressange looked amazing in it). Alton Mason, the first Afro-American male model walked the Chanel show, and of course Rihanna! Is this a wedding planner conspiracy?  
Anna Wintour and Virginie Viard wore the latest Chanel ready-to-wear. Why? 
It was kind of obvious that Anna wanted to support a contemporary creative lead. It was for the first time in a very long time, Anna chose ready-to-wear creation to red carpet. 
Is that obvious transformation of Met Gala complete?
Yara Shahidi played Tinkerbelle without a blonde wig (#thankGod), yet as released posters show, the role suits her well, just like the Jean Paul Gaultier’s gown last night. Diddy made his comeback to high society, and it was truly beautiful watching basketball player Brittney Griner with her wife Cherelle attending in sharp Calvin Klein outfits. A lot of pride moments for people of color in this year’s Met Gala. 
Why there weren’t more trompe l'oeil dresses?
Is this getting tired? Only Karlie Kloss, admitting her second pregnancy by the way, wore a trompe l'oeil print of pearl necklace on the dress made by Jonathan Anderson. Are we getting back to being literal?  
Foto: Getty Images
Billie Eilish attends The 2023 Met Gala Celebrating "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty" at The Metropolitan Museum of Art
 Will we see more custom-made creations from Simone Rocha’s studio for the red carpet? 
Simone Rocha is known for not having many custom-made dresses. You just need to go with the flow when it comes to her styles and the red carpet. Otherwise, try it next door. But some exceptions were made. Billie Eilish looked like one of Tamara de Lempicka’s paintings in a dress that was made just for her.  
Did we just watch Met Gala 2023 pridest LGBQI+ moment? 
Despite a darker past filled with domestic violence, already mentioned Brittney Griner looked lovely. I bet Brittney and her wife Cherelle make everybody smile. Very important moment especially after being imprisoned in Russia. 
And Paris… Does she definitely lose her famous vocal fry?
Have you heard that? Paris Hilton being real still sounds so unusual. I am sorry.