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The top trends you don’t want to miss from SWIM 2021 Fashion Week

This month, Miami Beach, the capital of SWIM Fashion Week, hosted the first fully live fashion week since the onset of the pandemic. Coming out of months of virtuality and isolation, who wouldn’t want to experience the energy of catwalks, or view live presentations against the backdrop of a scenic poolside and the Miami skyline? Dozens of regulars, as well as new-comer brands, presented collections full of vibrant colors, sexy cuts and jaw dropping styles on models of all sizes and body types. Now that the world is opening for travel, get inspired by the trends from SWIM week for your beach getaway, tropical vacation, or for lounging by the pool, and stay on point with swimwear trends all season long.
Cut outs were one of the most frequently seen swim-wear styles that you can’t go wrong with, whether in one or two-piece suits.
Up-side-down bras were next to take the top position in Swim 2021 trend charts. So if you like to ‘change things up’, this look is yours!
Strings and chains emphasize natural curves or those abs you worked hard on these last few months. This stylish accent underscores feminine shape and finishes the look as a perfect accessory.
Animal prints are staying in. From bikinis to beach wraps and caftans, get used to seeing this revolving trend continue as one of the designers’ favorites. 
Florals are timeless – end of story! So when it doubt, go floral.
Tarzan bottoms may push you out of your comfort zone, but this fearless style dominated many catwalks - so get ready for some adventure.   
One-shoulder tops communicate sophistication and glamour. Who wouldn’t trade that for an extra tan line? Get glamorous in a one-shoulder piece on your trip to one of the world’s rivieras, or get that Hollywood look for lounging by the poolside at your next holiday destination.