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Paris ‘unfiltered’!

Paris Hilton, an international icon, music producer, DJ, model and star of “The Simple Life” series, is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs (who never takes a break from work).  She is known to most people as a hotel heiress, ‘it girl,’ socialite or queen of beauty lines. But a documentary film about Hilton’s life, set to air soon, will reveal her true, ‘unfiltered’ side. From the recent launch of her 25perfume, the release of two new apps and a YouTube video series, to her new movie and perpetual globetrotting to DJ some of the most prestigious music events around the world, we chatted with Paris about how she gets it all done, while looking flawless! 
Foto: Courtesy of Paris Hilton
Your YouTube series takes fans behind the scenes of your day-to-day life. The new documentary film about to air will reveal your most authentic, and vulnerable side. Are you ready to expose that?
I am very excited about my new film. I’ve just recently seen it’s first screening in NY, and it exceeded my expectations. It’s the true story of my life. It tells the untold story, including difficult experiences I’ve faced in both my career and personal paths. I can’t wait for people to see it and get to know the true me and my life behind-the-headlines, completely!
Tell me about your perfume line. “Electrify,” which you launched this fall, it’s your 25perfume, and your collection continues to be one of the top selling celebrity brands!  
When I was growing up, I was obsessed with my mom’s perfumes and always thought, “One day I will have my own.” Although, I had no idea that I would have 25! (laugh). When I went to NY as a teenager, that was one of the first things on my mind. I found great people to develop it with, and we have been in the business for over 16 years. We’ve had many successes. “Electrify,” our latest perfume, captures the scent of a confident woman who is the life of the party, and it just won the WWD award for ‘Product of the Year.’ It makes me really proud that my fans enjoy my perfumes so much. I am in the process of developing three more now.
From work in beauty, YouTube, film and TV, you’ve also become recognized as a DJ and producer over the last decade. What made you transition to music? 
Music has always been a big part of me.  Since I was a little girl I studied piano, and as a teen I got lot closer to music. I hosted a lot of events and had guest appearances, but I quickly understood that I wanted to be the conductor of the party. About 11 years ago I started to DJ on my own.  I instantly fell in love with it and decided to learn everything that there is to know about it!
The DJ/producer space is crowded and it’s tough to succeed in. What’s the key to your success? 
I am the party princess! The party doesn’t start ‘till I walk in, and that how it’s always been! Ha ha…But in all seriousness, it’s about knowledge of the space, technical skills, and ‘the fit’ with the crowd. I go to every festival, so I really know what is happening in the music scene. What people don’t realize is that DJing is a very technical field, so you really have learn the craft and know what you are doing. It requires a lot of practice.  And finally, it is important to understand your audience. I know how to build and maintain the vibe, read the audience, and communicate with them through music. I understand what they like, so the energy stays high and people feel happy. 
Foto: Courtesy of Paris Hilton
Foto: Courtesy of Paris Hilton
Is it harder for women to succeed in the male-dominated world of DJ’ing and production? 
It’s always been a ‘boys’ club,’ but in recent years it’s evolved, and now there are a lot of incredibly talented woman on the scene. I am really proud of them and I am proud to be part of this female DJ scene.
What inspires you as a producer?
Traveling, hearing other DJs, festivals, my audience. I love creating mash ups of EDM and old iconic songs.  I love doing remixes.
Favorite crowd and place?
So many. In particular, my residency, Amesia in Ibiza, and my Paris Hilton Foam & Diamonds party, that’s the most epic party!  Tomorrowland also is the most prestigious festival in the word, and being part of it, playing on that stage in front of thousands of people, is the most satisfying feeling.  
And we’ve seen you recently at Art Basel, where you are a regular!
Yes, I am a huge art lover.  In fact, what many people don’t know about me is that I paint and do artwork. That’s what I love to do on my time off. I’ve been coming to Miami Art Basel for years. My friends from all over the world come too, and some of the best parties take place during art week, so it’s a natural fit for me to perform here.
The lifestyle of a DJ means many late nights. Do you have some lifestyle tips for keeping yourself in great shape? 
I don‘t diet and don’t work out! (laugh) Yes, it can be a lot of late nights, but I’ve been doing it for so long it’s like second nature to me. Since this is my work, I know my way around it. I learned how to manage my time. And I get my energy from my fans. Seeing how happy I make them energizes me.
As a TV personality, and ‘it girl’, you continue to be recognized as one of the most beautiful and stylish women out there. What’s your beauty routine? 
I believe in taking care of your skin and I take good care of mine. I absolutely love my Paris Hilton ProD.N.A. skincare line because I see results. Especially when I travel a lot or stay up late and imperfections appear, I always think, “Thank goodness I have a skincare line that works.” Since a young age, I tried so many products and couldn’t find the perfect one. I wanted to create something that works for me. We have scientists that have know-how in the space. Our line supports natural DNA maintenance and counteracts the effects of aging. I love it.
Foto: Courtesy of Paris Hilton
Foto: Courtesy of Paris Hilton
And you have a beauty app!  
GLAM app is an uber of beauty services. It’s so brilliant! It is the future of beauty services. You can have make-up, hair, nails, any beauty service of your choice, booked all in one place.  You can get ready for a special occasion by stylists in your own home, just with one click. We have such busy lives, so I love convenience and simplifying things. 
That also led me to get involved with an event-planning app, ROXI, which is an uber of event and party services. I’ve run many events, and there are a lot logistics, so we came up with an app that is a one stop shop. With the touch of a button, you can get your entire event set up, from your staff, any offering, and of course for DJs and celebrities to come. 
In addition to full skincare and perfume lines, your businesses have another 19 product lines, including makeup, shoes, eyewear, etc. How do you find time for yourself?  
I am constantly working and traveling. I don’t stop! If I do, it is usually only for a day or one night. Then I like to relax at home, watch a little TV. Sometimes I paint or make an art piece, but I don’t get to do it much.
What’s next for Paris? 
I am working on several new projects, and the best hint I can give you is that these are very innovative projects in the tech space. So stay tuned.  I am getting ready to surprise you with something really exciting and new in 2020!